The Feria Del Queso is for all cheese lovers.  The event is one of the greatest cheese festivals in Europe and it is held during the first week of May in the town of Trujillo in Western Spain.

feria-del-quesoThis cheese fair is like no other fair that you will ever attend.  The country’s cheese makers are the real stars of the event.  They will exhibit every type of cheese from goats’ cheeses, sheep cheeses, mature cheeses and even special variety of cheeses.  Feria Del Queso has become so well known that the event is known throughout Europe.

Attend this event and you can enjoy the delights of Tarta Del Casa, Queso De La Serena and Queso Ibores.  The event is growing in popularity and is becoming a truly European festival.  Last year was the first time in history that cheese makers from neighbouring Portugal and France were also invited to attend and exhibit their cheeses at the event.

If you prefer Italy to Spain this year, why not take a visit to the Salone del Gusto in Turin or stay at home and go to the famous Cider and Cheese Festival in Somerset.